Although teeth are a big part of the body, they can also break. A broken tooth can be caused by accident, for example, when playing, falling, biting on hard food, or even consuming the hot or cold foods and drinks that damage the enamel. You may not feel much pain when your teeth are cracked and sometimes broken, except that your tongue will subconsciously hit this sharp, broken part. Of course, this is the case if the fracture is minor, but if a large part of the tooth is broken, the nerves in that area will be stimulated and will react when exposed to hot and cold food or when cold air enters the mouth. A broken tooth can be intermittent, but most of the time, the pain increases when the person eats. A broken tooth is an emergency case and requires emergency dental care treatments.

Teeth may crack and break when exposed to hot or cold temperatures or abnormal pressure. But what are the different types of broken tooth and how are broken teeth restored?

Different Types of Broken Tooth

There are many kinds of dental fractures. Here are some common types of broken tooth and ways to repair it.

– Fractured Cusp: The cusp is the protruding surface of the tooth. It may break. This fracture does not cause much pain, and the dentist may use a veneer to have it repaired.

– Split Tooth: This type of tooth fracture will occur when the patient neglects to treat his or her cracked tooth. In such a case, the tooth will be broken into two parts. This type of dental fracture is more difficult to repair than a dental fracture. In this case, visit the emergency dentist as soon as you can.

– Cracked teeth: Teeth cracking can sometimes be superficial. However, non-compliance and follow-up for treatment may lead to cracking of the tooth root. In this case, repairing a broken tooth is more difficult than when the fracture is superficial.

– Vertical Root Fracture: This is associated with a lot of pain, so you should immediately rush to the dental clinic. Because the fracture will continue from the tooth surface vertically to the root. The pain of this fracture is due to inflammation and infection of the nerves around the root.

– Craze Lines: They occur on the outermost surface of the tooth, the tooth enamel. They rarely cause pain in the patient.

Different Ways to Repair a Broken Tooth

Broken teeth are repaired according to the type of fracture. After visiting the dentist and diagnosing the type of fracture, the best way to repair your broken tooth is chosen. There are different types of broken tooth restoration, such as the dental implant, bonding, crown, veneer, enamel polish, emergency root canal, and more.

The best way to prevent a broken tooth is to visit the dentist if you feel pain or have superficial cracks.So, that one of the ways to repair a broken tooth can be chosen and done with the right diagnosis. Don’t forget that quick action will reduce the risk of more severe problems.