There are a wide variety of dental emergency conditions that none of them will inform you about before happening. The most common symptom that force you to visit an emergency dentist is unbearable dental pain that continues for more than several hours. According to an experienced dental specilaists working at an emergency dental clinic in Vancouver, most of emergency dental clinics cover and treat a wide range of dental issues including a sudden, severe toothache, bleeding gums, a tooth decay, a broken tooth, and a knocked tooth. In some cases, people tend to try home treatments to relieve their pain. However, you should keep in mind that these methods temporarily reduce your pain, and the underlying reason is still untreated, so learning some simple tips can be useful to avoid severe consequences.

Potential Reasons for Dental Pain

Nowadays, most people take their oral health seriously. They never skip their regular check-ups with professional dentists, and also they watch what they eat, but it doesn’t mean they won’t experience dental pain at all. Tooth decay and cavity are the most likely reason for your pain, although several other reasons can cause toothaches. Some of these potential causes are as follows:

-Abscess: When the dental infection spreads from the pulp into the root, an abscess is made. It is one of the life-threatening dental issues that have the potential to spread to all other parts of your body. Swelling and unbearable pain are common symptoms of an abscess.

-Tooth Sensitivity: Those who brush their teeth too vigorously, grind their teeth at night and eat acidic food are the most likely to experience tooth sensitivity. You can ease your pain by wearing a bite guard at night, using specific toothpaste formulated to reduce your symptoms, and being more gentle when you want to brush your teeth.

-Gum Diseases: If your gums are red and they become sensitive when you floss your teeth, it is likely you are experiencing different types of gum diseases. Gum diseases are caused by several reasons, such as lack of nutrition and poor oral hygiene.

Potential Reasons for Dental Pain

The Best Methods to Treat Dental Pain

Generally, dental pain is required medical treatments, but you can use home treatments to temporarily relieve your pain until you visit a dedicated emergency dentist. Since dental pain is a certain sign that informs us something is wrong so your emergency dentist will take an x-ray to diagnose the main reason and choose the best treatment to fix the problem as soon as possible. They will prescribe some pain killers for you to reduce your pain. If they realize that your toothaches are due to tooth decay and cavities, they try their best to remove the decayed part immediately, and they fill the space with filling materials. It should be noted that gum diseases and abscesses are considered severe dental emergencies that require instant treatments, and if you leave them untreated, you will face further complex dental issues that require more expensive procedures.

Home Treatments: As mentioned above, going to the emergency dentist is the most appropriate action you can do to get rid of your dental pain and its severe consequences, but if it isn’t available for you to visit an emergency dentist in the initial moments, home treatments can be helpful to relieve your pain temporarily. The most effective methods are followed by:

-Rinsing with Salt Water

-Applying Cold Compress

-Applying a Clove of Garlic Over the Affected Site