By enhancing technology and science in different fields of dentistry, people aren’t forced to endure their lost teeth forever without having a solution or treatment. Over 30 years, dental implants have been used as excellent replacements for lost teeth, and their performance is the same as the lost natural tooth. By improving science, implant dentistry has become more independent and popular, leading to a noticeable increase in dental implants among patients. According to the reports of a  Vancouver dental implant centre, although dental implants are the most reliable and natural alternatives for decayed or missing teeth, they aren’t the best option for every patient. Having adequate knowledge is necessary as a patient, so you need to be aware of your condition and competence to get dental implants. Many factors are influential in being a candidate; also, you may need to know other information before getting dental implants. Here you realize the importance of asking your questions from your implant dentist, so here we list some common ones asked from implant dentists before the treatment.

How is dental implants lifespan?

You are paying money to have dental implants, which is not a low price at all. So it’s necessary to know how long you can benefit from your dental implants and how to increase their lifespan. The resistance of dental implants is affected by oral hygiene, oral habits, used materials, etc., which even makes your dental implants durable for the rest of your life by considering the best situation.

How can I be certain about the safety of the dental implants process?

Dental implants are considered one of the safest dental treatments with a high success rate. Your process is observed by the oral surgeon, who specializes in the dental implant field, and an endodontist, which makes you entirely sure there is no threatening danger. Before having the necessary oral surgery for having dental implants, you will be thoroughly checked to see if there is any problem that can distrust the process or not. Also, your medical history will be observed to prevent any further issues.

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How much painful is the procedure?

It’s recommended to consult with your implant dentist about everything necessary, including the pain you should endure during and after the process. Ask for suggested ways to relieve the pain and explain your mental situation if you are scared by any chance.

Am I a candidate to have dental implants?

Dental implants are an excellent treatment for patients with severe dental issues who want a natural look and smile. Your implant dentist will completely guide you about your condition, but the main prerequisite is to have healthy and acceptable gums and jawbone, determined by your endodontist.

How long is the dental implants process take?

Putting your implant is only a process that takes 30 minutes, but the critical point is the combination of your jawbone with the implant, which usually takes 3 to 6 months.

Font forgets to ask your implant dentist to give you an obvious explanation. Be sure that this information will amazingly help you! Ask about every unclear part, and don’t be ashamed!