Teaching yoga workout needed precision. The teachers trained to become yoga instructors undergo a thorough training process to understand which asana or pose is appropriate for a specific part of the body. There are several yoga instructor training Singapore institutes that teach the basics and the details of each asana. There are short-duration and long-term courses that cover every aspect a yoga instructor should be aware of.

Things a Yoga Instructor should know

The process of becoming a yoga instructor needs more than learning and practicing. It needs a deeper amount of dedication to understand what each asana can do to a human body.

  1. Singapore Yoga teacher training initiates the process of training with the simple principle that everybody is different. It is essential to understand the diversity of each body and teach yoga that would suit it. For some, the basic poses like the mountain pose or the warrior pose maybe a piece of cake, while for others, it may be a real task to reach the ground. A teacher should be able to help the student with the asana with comfort and ease.
  2. Another important thing an instructor should consider is warming up before a rigorous yoga routine. As everybody has different levels of flexibility, the instructor should help her students relax properly before starting the actual workout.
  3. In performing an asana, the importance of breathing in and breathing out during the asana is of a lot of importance. This helps to perform the asana with ease and comfort. The trainer should be aware of the implications and necessity of such minute practices while doing yoga.
  4. Emphasis on the Process: Performing yoga asanas is a process that should be done with requires proper knowledge about the positions and the process. It is the trainer’s job to teach and make the students understand that doing yoga is about the process and not about the destination. Each asana is a process to reach a certain position, and the same needs to be done in a patient and precise manner. This is essential to avoid any injury to the body. A yoga instructor should be aware of the implications of sudden or improper movements during a yoga asana.

Lastly, the instructor should understand that teaching yoga is a process, and not everyone can learn all the asanas with the same ease. Each student and each day will be different, and the instructor should understand and help the student accordingly.

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