The primary month of New Year’s resolution is behind us. Provisions related to getting fit, losing weight, regular training, etc. are undoubtedly the most popular. Unfortunately, however, just as they are popular, they are also very short.

Recent research shows that as much as 60% of “fitness” New Year resolutions are no longer valid in mid-February. Why such results? There are certainly many reasons, but one of them is the lack of effects and motivation, the effects of which are an important part.

How to start a search?

First of all, approach the search for a trainer as if you were approaching hiring another person who would help you with something. Most often when looking for such a person, the word “professional” is used, i.e. someone who has the appropriate knowledge and experience. In this case, the personality is also important, which should not necessarily be similar to yours, sports nutritionist hong kong but positively affect yours.

Consider all these elements because your time is too valuable to waste. Divide the trainers into three categories and ask them questions that will match them. This way you will definitely find a good specialist with whom you will achieve your goals.

Best personal trainer

Joint experiences and interests

The experience of personal trainers often includes adventure with sport or various types of activities. Look at your interests and experiences and think about what activity you like to spend time. For example, if it’s running, look for a trainer who has trained or is still training this discipline. It is possible that this type of person will not only understand you better, but will have more knowledge about your goals and how to achieve them. If you like to dance – get to know the trainer with the dance past. Of course, it may turn out that the trainer / runner will be a great trainer for a dancer, but at this stage it is good to choose someone who likes the same things as you and knows what they involve.

What questions do you answer?

When you meet potential trainers, pay special attention not to answering your questions, but to the trainer’s questions . If the trainer spends most of his time talking about himself and does not ask many questions about you – this is not a good sign.

A few questions that are good to hear during such a conversation are listed below:

  • What is your motivation for training?
  • What made you decide to train and / or hire a personal trainer?
  • Do you have any injuries or have you experienced any injuries in the past?
  • What is your diet currently like?
  • Have you used the services of a personal trainer before? If so, why did you stop?
  • What are your training goals