As the marvel of a yoga teacher training singapore is that your get to go deeply into the rich heritage of this old tradition; digging into ceremonies, relaxation, pranayama, the biology of the organism, yogic philosophy, and your asana practice. You’ll learn things about yoga you didn’t know existed and aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed. These courses teach you much more than simply how to practice yoga.

How interested in yoga are you?

If you are reading this blog, you may well have a desire to engage in yourself via yoga teacher training, no matter where you are on your yoga path. Most likely, you’ve experienced yoga’s profound physical, mental, and spiritual advantages and are navigating your way in life using its many tools. However, you are curious. Are you curious about the breath? What is the point of life? Are you interested in ancient yogic philosophies? Are you curious about alignment, anatomy, and how we may deal with injury? Want to know why a yoga practice is so effective both on and off the mat?Yoga teacher training can assist you in locating these answers. You immerse yourself in a voyage of discovery throughout yoga, the world, and yourself, definitely realizing how to exist in an overflow of pleasure, happiness, and love with the guidance and support of your instructors.

yoga teacher training singapore

You’re individual practice

Before commencing on this path, it is useful to have a competent personal practice in the yoga type you want to study more about, or perhaps teach – but more essential than your degree in yoga is your passion for yoga mixed with a genuine curiosity and level of investigation. Contrary to popular belief, handstands, pretzel-like forms, and bikini-ready bodies are not required for teaching or even performing yoga. Unfortunately, contemporary yoga has gotten so obsessed with the practice’s exterior advantages that the original teachings have been lost.

The timetable can be taxing, especially on an intense course. There will be much sitting and chatting, as well as asana practice, thought-provoking lectures, and in-depth seminars on ethics, pranayama, teaching, meditation, Kirtan, and anatomy. You begin to discover not just what your body is capable of, but what your mind is capable of… and that’s where the lessons truly begin. Expect to be faced as you sit in strong buy postures desperately trying to comfort your mind; expected you may have stored away to surface; experience frustrations and observe how you react, and learn some lessons about yourself because may cause you to doubt your values and existence as you know it.