Haircare is extremely important. Be it, men or women, they get very sensitive when it comes to hair growth. All they care about is for hair not to fall. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a long or wavy hair. For many years, there have been several products made available on the market that would help in the maintenance of the hair. In addition to this, many home remedies were also created and people were made aware of the alternative options. With the advancement in technology, several firms were able to make products that were not introduced earlier. With natural and organic items, many companies are able to create those shampoos and other materials for the benefit of the people. Other than the design, it is the output that matters the most. These firms work hard to build trust in society about their product and its implications. Along with the other alternatives, extra virgin olive oil for hair is considered to be the most trending and successful option that is now followed by the people at large.

extra virgin olive oil for hair

About the oil and its benefits:

We know that olive oil is used for cooking purposes. It gives enormous taste and people love to add it for the sole purpose of getting the unique output. The taste is similar to fresh fruits and that is the main reason why they add to the menu. Also, in the case of hair growth, various studies suggest that it does encourage the same. It might not give results very soon but it reduces the hair fall and prevents the hormone dihydrotestosterone. The olive oil contains antifungal properties; it also has the moisturizer that stimulates the production of hair. Also, it helps in the roots becoming stronger and ends in shining and soft hair. This kind of olive oil is considered to be the purest form that can be found anywhere. Its benefits also lie in the reduction of dandruff and lice in the hairs. This results in an excellent quality of hair with growth and shine.

The process to apply:

Different people apply the extra virgin olive oil for hair in different ways. The most common and used way is to heat a half cup of the oil in the microwave for 20 seconds. Place a towel in your shoulders for protection from heat. Put the warm oil in your palm and start massaging it into the hairs. For dry scalps, people can apply to the roots as well. This has to be done repeatedly until the full hair is covered. Finally, shampoo the hair and apply conditioner. Rinse well and there you are with your wavy smooth hair.