The little things that you usually do with your hair could be causing damage to it. Your hair is your crowning glory, you should take care of it, if you notice there are more strands falling than you used to have before, you should feel alarmed in this kind of situation.

Either you wash it, you brush it, you blow-dry it, you want to straighten it or curl it, or apply different kinds of hair products in it, each one of these can cause damage to your hair if you are too reckless. There is no question that your hair regularly goes through the wringer each day, and before you even realize it, your hair can manifest the damage just like the split ends or the frizz.

Just so you know, the older you get, the more your hair naturally thins, gets dull, and gets damaged even though you have not experienced giving it some hair color or re-bond according to dermatologists who specializes in hair.


You are kind of worried right now, but the good news is that these damages are reversible and this can be achieved when you stop doing these mistakes that you can read in this article from that will give you the list of the four most common mistakes that is responsible for your hair’s damage.

  • Washing Your Hair Everyday- It is a norm that you should wash your hair daily or as often as needed, but according to dermatologists and expert hairstylists, the normal timeline that you can wash your hair is between two to three days, because washing it every day with shampoo and conditioner will strip your hair’s natural and protective oils that keep it healthy and smooth. This will also go to people who love to color their hair frequently.
  • Using A Lot Of Conditioners- The ends of your hair is where the portion that needs most of the hydration, and not the entire length of it that is why if you are applying conditioner in your entire hair, you are doing it the wrong way. Also, do not apply a lot of conditioners, start with small size on your palm and equally disperse it throughout your hair. If needed, add an extra amount. Too much conditioner will clog your hair follicles and even the hair strands itself making the dirt and dust to stick easily with the smudge from the conditioner.
  • Not Using A Deep Conditioner- Although it contradicts what is listed above, there are certain types of hair conditioner that keeps your hair healthy and smooth. Using ordinary conditioners that you bought in the supermarket will do little effects compared to deep conditioners that are recommended by hairstylists and dermatologists. This type of conditioner can be used only once a week to pamper your hair just like what you experience in a salon.
  • You Iron It Too Much- Just to achieve that straight hair or curly hair that is appropriate to the affair you are attending; you are burning your hair with iron too much. This will surely kill all your hair strands and you will have difficulties from bringing it back to life. Make sure that you only use hair iron not to frequent to avoid damages to your hair.