There are very high chances of infertility among the couple. Around 1 in 6 Singapore couples face the issue of infertility and have difficulties in starting a family. Some causes might develop and are unknown to women and men. Later on, they create issues during reproduction. For making a perfect conception, an individual will need healthy sperm and an egg. Infertility is directly related to the curse that creates problems in having babies. Nobody wants to stop themselves from becoming a parent. A healthy lifestyle and a healthy family is the demand of couples in al over the world.

How can individuals boost fertility?

There are several ways from which an individual can increases their chances of conceiving. These are:

  • Understand the fertility window: Falling pregnant is a blessing to many. It increases the chances of welcoming a new life into this world. Engaging in intercourse before one or two days of ovulation increases the chances of reproduction. Having sex two to three times a week increases the chances of fertility and the baby.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Smoking is like a barrier in the whole journey of pregnancy. It has adverse effects on the body of the individual while having conceiving issues. It directly decreases the sperm count and affects the menstrual cycle in women. Eating healthy and nutritious food provides support and boosts the reproductivity of the individual. Experts also suggest not to consume alcohol and caffeine at an extreme level as it decreases the chances of becoming parents.
  • Healthy eating: Both males and females are responsible for increasing the reproductivity and sex cells level. It is crucial to eat healthy and more leafy vegetables. Adding juice to the diet is better. Women are advised to start taking 400mcg folic acid in their diet. Multivitamin capsules proved to be the best option for getting improvement.

How much it costs a fertility test in Singapore?

There are different packages. It varies accordingly from clinic to clinic. However, on a general note, it costs a minimum of $396, or it lies in the range of $200-$400. Reviewing the best fertility test and chek up clinics have proved to be the best option before getting themselves checked. Fertility tests in Singapore have very advanced technology, and the results are mind-blowing.


For getting the blessing and the good news, it is advised to go for a fertility check Singapore if the couples are lagging the reproductivity.