Marijuana, cannabis, and weed. These are the names of a medicinal plant that people crave and want to feel that body and mind high. All of these have a substance called THC, which is the culprit for that lifted feeling that you instantly experience once you smoke, ingest, or inhale it. It also comes in different shapes, sizes, and forms. There are tons of Marijuana in the market today. And after Canada legalized weed in 2018, tons of online cannabis shops popped up to serve those that need it, especially individuals who use it for medical purposes.

If you’re already an avid use of Marijuana, you may already know the three kinds of strains out there. There’s Indica, Sativa, and Hyrbid Cannabis strains that give us different effects. That’s the beauty of cannabis. Being able to make us feel good about ourselves and everything around us is its specialty. And luckily, all of these strains are available at Daily Marijuana. An online weed shop in Canada that sells different kinds of cannabis products for everyone.

Getting to Know the Difference of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

The three kinds of Marijuana strains are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica is a perfect strain for people who want to relax and chill after a long day’s work. It makes you feel calm, relaxed, and sleepy. It can also help relieve your stress! On the other hand, Sativa is an ideal strain for people who want to be more creative. It also impacts your emotions and mood because it regulates your serotonin. If you want to stay alert, energized, and awake while working, you should try Sativa out.

The last strain is called Hybrid. It’s a mix of Indica and Sativa, so you get to feel relaxed and euphoric at the same time. Sometimes, you get a 50-50 hybrid strain, which makes you feel both. Other times, you might get to try out Indica dominant or Sativa dominant Hybrid strains. These will impact your whole experience and the effects that you might feel after taking a hit. So be mindful of the parent strains if you want to have a balanced high.

What are the Pros of Smoking Weed?

Aside from feeling high and making you forget your problems and just chill out, Marijuana also has tons of health benefits that you can take advantage of. And the list just goes on and on every day since medical professionals will probably add more benefits to that list once they do their research. Smoking, ingesting, and using weed will help you with stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain, inflammation, and many more. Aside from that, it creates an overall happy atmosphere that can make you feel relaxed in no time.

Even though there are different kinds of Marijuana strains right now, the medical benefits you will get to experience are the same. It has been proven time and time again, and millions of people rely on it to help them manage their health issues every day. That’s why we should all be thankful that this plant can naturally help us without chemicals.