Eye diseases are inevitable, like any other disease it can just happen without any warning and sometimes without any specific reasons. People living in Hong Kong, this is especially for you, even if you are living outside Hong Kong, you can always fly in, if you can.

Clarity eye and surgery center is a great eye surgery center located nearby Mong Kok MTR and Central stations. The centerwas founded in the year 2005.

https://eyesurgery.claritymedic.com/en/services/eye-surgery/ is its official website.

What does the center have to offer?

The center offers medical treatment to some of the most significant eye diseases like:

  1. Cataract: Cataract is majorly caused due to old age. Besides old age, the other conditions of cataracts are deep myopia, congenital cataracts, and diabetes. These are some of the highlighted factors.
  2. Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis occurs due to some allergic reaction.
  3. Glaucoma: This disease can lead to a permanent loss of vision. It is always better to get it operated as soon as possible. For more details check https://eyesurgery.claritymedic.com/en/services/glaucoma-surgery/ 
  4. Dry eye: The dry eye is a very common disease among people in Hong Kong. It is caused due to old age and other external factors like watching TV or looking at your phone screen for too long, exposure to sunlight and other factors.
  5. Mosquito: The ‘flying mosquito’ is termed as vitreous opacity scientifically. The vitreous part shrinks with as the age of the eye increases. It becomes liquefied and then slowly expands into pieces resulting in different shapes black spots and it appears like mosquitos are floating in front of the eyes.

Apart from the above-mentioned diseases, the center also handles diseases like retinal detachment, macular degeneration, amblyopia and strabismus in children, comprehensive eye examination and presbyopia.

Types of equipment

The center uses all the latest equipment to treat their patients. They use ophthalmic instruments like:

  1. LENSAR Femtosecond Laser System
  2. Abbott Signature Phacoemulsification Machine
  3. Carl Zeiss Microscope Lumera 700
  4. Cassini Total Corneal Astigmatism (TCA)
  5. Carl Zeiss VisuMax
  6. The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser
  7. Lumenis Novus Spectra 532 Laser Machine
  8. Carl Zeiss VISUYAG
  9. iTraceWavefrontAberrometer / Topographer
  10. Carl Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer
  11. Biometer Carl Zeiss IOL Master
  12. Swissmed TearLabOsmolarity System
  13. Swissmed E-Eye IRPL (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light)
  14. Alcon WavelightTopolyzer
  15. Pentacam
  16. Tonometer Nidek Auto Ref / Kerato / Tonometer
  17. Carl Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  18. Alcon Constellation Vitrectomy System

Well, there is more equipment but we hope the above list gives you the minimum idea, what types of equipment they use. You can check

https://eyesurgery.claritymedic.com/en/services/eye-surgery/ to know more about the other equipment and the mentioned ones as well. If you open the link you can see everything in more detail, from their medical teams to the price they charge for each treatment.

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