Laser corresponds to the acronym in English that stands for “magnification of light by stimulated emission of radiation”. The laser is a technology that concentrates the rays of the light using different wavelengths that are located in a single point. This is why in surgery centre; there are experts in this type of surgery that is used to correct eye diseases and other visual effects.

In addition, they have state-of-the-art technology to carry it out and they are pioneers in accessing the highest technological advances. For these reasons, we have decided to tell you about the myths and truths that surround this topic. In addition to helping, you treat eye disease, we address your concerns. Know what it is about.

  • It hurts: Myth

When it comes to laser eye surgery for myopia, it is a painless process. Do not forget that before detecting any refractive error, it is best to request a diagnosis from your doctor with the help of an eye diagnostic exam.

  • It is not permanent: Myth

The changes made by the laser are permanent. Your vision may change slightly over the years because the eye is made of living tissue, and also ages. However, these age-related changes are minor.

  • Laser surgery is painless: Reality

Whether due to retinal or other diseases, Lasik surgery is painless because anaesthesia is used to numb the eye during the procedure. It is usual that after this process you feel discomfort, however, most people experience very little temporary discomfort.

  • Everyone is a candidate for laser surgery: Myth

First, you should consult with your doctor at to find out if you are suitable for this type of surgery. Remember that visual diseases are often treated differently.

  • All results are the same: Myth

An essential component of the success of any surgical procedure is the experience of the surgeon. It is in this aspect where you must choose wisely and pay attention to different characteristics such as the experience of the surgeons and the eye surgery centre.

Final Words

Do not forget that Kraff Eye has specialists in paediatric ophthalmology, correction of presbyopia and other refractive errors who understand the importance of being updated with studies and advances. A constantly updated team means offering our patients the best results.