We are facing a pandemic in our lives. The Masks have become a necessity of every person’s life. To protect yourself from a virus, we need to choose the proper face mask for your health’s safety. There is a variety of masks which you can use. Let us check the type of Mask. You need to know various things about the types of masks available to you in this pandemic period. The LHM Medical manufacture and distribute high quality of disposal mask, which is of single users.

Surgical & Procedure Mask

The surgical & procedure mask is a single used mask or disposable mask. These masks are most commonly used by various people in the world. This is the best mask you can use because you can use it once and throw it after the use. It will help you to prevent viruses and multiple diseases. Different countries produce this type of Mask. One of the companies is LHM Medical technology; it is the largest manufacture of surgical masks. The Surgical and procedure mask is difficult to identify due to its manufacturing & material used. The difference between both the varieties is how to wear. The Procedure Mask has an ear loop design through which you can wear without any problem.

On the other hand, the surgical mask is designed as strips that take a longer time to wear because it ties upon the head. Due to strips fitted on the head, the disposable surgical mask provides more air-tight protection compared to the other mask. However, the Earloop surgical mask is also available in the market. Many People facing difficulty in wearing surgical masks then they can buy the Earloop surgical mask.

LHM Procedure Mask

Respirator Mask

This Mask prevents you from various diseases. It is manufactured to protect the person from inhaling the virus from the environment. A respirator mask is facing fitted Mask that creates a seal on your face. The Respirator mask used properly will provide you protection.

The Respirator mask gives you an air-tight fit which helps you to prevent different types of virus. The Mask is having strips that will go back to your head and tied it. It creates a seal around your nose and mouth. The Respirator mask is designed in a very intensive way. People wore them for a longer time than another disposable mask.

Choose mask as per your comfort due to comfort do not forget about your safety. The mask which gives you comfort will not give you protection as well. The mask covers your face and fits on your face. No matter the mask having Earloop or strips, you will have to use it to be safer from viruses.

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