A new system of functioning, fresh methods of communicating with customers, new expenditure patterns, and most obviously, fresh protocols of hygiene, these are the standards that you should expect from spa breaks during the post-COVID period. This absolute transformation would be seen in this personalized wellness service to assure additional cleanliness with “feel good” treatments.

Fresh Practices by Spas for maintaining post COVID protocols

Following are some protocols that you should expect from every spa after COVID:-

  • Message to the guests before they come- After reopening of the spa, if you would book a service, they would send you a message regarding the safety protocols they are maintaining. Besides, they would make you remember to wear a mask and sanitize your hands frequently during your visit to the spa.
  • Sanitization duringarrival– In post COVID period you can expect to be received with sanitizing wipes, pocket sanitizer, masks, and gloves (optionally) when you would visit the spa.
  • Removal of printed materials– For entirely contactless service, spa breaks Devonwould remove all the printed stuff like menu cards, brochures, etc. Instead, online modes and QR codes would be used for service and payment-related information.
  • No use of testers– Along with proper and frequent sanitization of all the surface areas, the tester materials like make-up kits, oils, creams, jewelry would also be removed. They would showcase their products only via pictures.
  • Change in therapist’s treatment– Before the initiation of your wellness therapy, the appointed therapists would wash and sanitize their hands properly for at least 20 seconds. There should be at least 30 minutes of gap between each treatment (including facial treatments) to ensure appropriate sanitization, airing, and cleaning of the therapy rooms.
  • Maintenance of Social distancing- To avoid the spread of highly contagious COVID-19 disease, the spas would limit the number of guests and the therapy times as well. After each therapy sanitization would be done before treating the next guest. They would also rearrange the seating areas with at least a 2-meter distance between each seat.


  • Limiting the guests in the changing room- The number of staff or guests who would use the changing rooms would be limited. They would also disinfect the lockers of the stuff regularly. The wear would be kept in plastic materials and the equipment like dryers would be disinfected before use.
  • Frequent change of uniforms– The spa authorities are expected to give more than one uniform and textile sanitizer to ensure the safety of their staff and their guests.

The avoidance of contact and the necessity of frequent sanitization would lead to a fresh form of expectations from the spas. You can expect masks and gloves to become part of your uniform and along with your wellness, your safety from the virus would be prominently addressed by the spas.