Pregnancy is one of the important period in most of the women’s life in which they will be growing their babies inside them. In those days, there were no advanced technologies that could diagnose the health condition of anybody when some issues have occurred. But, nowadays it is very easy to just visit a hospital or a quality lab to get private ultrasound done in the mentioned months during the pregnancy period to make sure both mother and the baby is well and healthy.

A lot of people still do not understand why it is very much essential to take regular scans while in the pregnancy. If you are someone who is not following this, then read below to know why it is necessary. They are as follows,

  • First of all, get to know what are the months the scans has to be taken. First three months of the pregnancy is said to be the first trimester in which an ultrasound will be performed to check it the Embryo is in its place or growing in some complex places like fallopian tubes. This scan can let the mother know the age of the embryo and the due date.
  • Another scan will be recommended to the mothers during the 18th to 20th week of the pregnancy to check if the baby is healthy and doesn’t have any issues in the normal growth of limbs, brain, spine and all of the internal organs. The location and size of the placenta can also be found out to see if there will be no complications in the pregnancy. Sex of the baby can also be found out and revealed when the parents wish to know.
  • A scan has to be made on the third trimester as well in which the doctors would check if the growth of the baby is in a normal rate and has no issues in the same. The position of the placenta will be checked to see there are no blockage to the cervix which will cause emergency situations over time during the pregnancy.

This process is very much essential to know how healthy the baby in your womb is. Any abnormalities in the growth can be easily identified and can give possible treatments to the mother to either cure it or reduce the complications in the beginning itself and won’t cause much dangerous conditions. So, make sure to take every scan through private ultrasound and be healthy and bring out a healthy child with no abnormalities or issues to make the life of the baby stress less. The cost would be reasonable and most can afford the same or make use of health insurance.