Whenever you hear or see the word ‘Mediterranean Diet’ somewhere, what crosses your mind? Maybe, Pizza, Lamb, and other delicious food items around the globe? But all these food items are not Mediterranean in the real sense.

A true Mediterranean diet includes fruits and vegetables of a region. It contains beans, seafood, and dairy of a particular area. This is what the people of Greece and south Italy used to eat around the 1960s. They had the lowest rates of chronic diseases in the world. They used to live longer despite having few medical services.

The real Mediterranean diet is more than having fish. It involves combining food with a good amount of workout daily. The pyramid includes daily physical activity with having proper meals to have a great effect on your health.

Mediterranean diet is easily available; it is inexpensive and has a great impact on our health.

Some benefits of the Mediterranean diet are- 

  • It prevents the rate of heart strokes and diseases.
  • Minimize the use of bread, redefined flour, red meat, and processed food. It also promotes red wine instead of hard liquor.
  • Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of developing muscle weakness by 70%.
  • It improves blood sugar, cholesterol, blood vessel health, which is an overall perspective that reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It decreases the risk of cancer and heart diseases by 20%.
  • As is rich in fiber, it slows down the swings in blood sugar level, which doesn’t increase the weight easily and prevents diabetes.

Mediterranean Diet

There are some alterations that you can make in your daily lifestyle leading to better health.

  • Eat vegetables in a good amount.
  • Always have your breakfast.
  • Eat seafood once or twice a week.
  • The use of dairy products in moderation should be kept in mind.
  • Use good fats and avoid processed sugar.

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Eating healthy and simple food is a necessity in the days of a complicated life.

As the gluten free meal plan reduces the risks of various diseases, it will promote a healthy lifestyle. You can achieve goals by making small changes in your lifestyle, as having a Mediterranean diet is nothing fancy.