Mk677 or secretagogue as it is famously known is grown hormone boosting supplement. As usual, the gym enthusiasts leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving that chiselled toned and flamboyant body. But for a body to look appealing, the muscles have to grow. Naturally there`s no way out that within a short span of time, an aspirer for a well-toned body would achieve the desired results within a very less span of time. So the people go for supplements. But are these muscle growth enhancers legal?

MK677 or SARMS and its dosage

Now what is the best MK-677 guide? It`s actually a supplement that boosts up the grown hormones of the body.  It enhances the secretion of growth hormones in the body by regulating and affective the respective glands. The more specific term by which most of the athletes and body builders recognize it is the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM.

 The general Dosage for mk77is 25 grams in the morning on an empty stomach. Though some athletes often go up for 50 grams per day yet the general dosage is 25 gram only. The effect of this supplement lasts for not more than 24 hours. Since the supplement is taken by the people for increasing the lean body mass, inhibiting the fat and promoting aiding in the muscle gains quantity less than till 50 grams won`t affect that much. While there are less reported side effects of MK 677 supplement but it doesn’t undermine the fact that it won`t produce any in the future. Since it`s a SARM or the anabolic androgenic steroid, it can produce some side effects too.

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Is the consumption of MK677 or SARMS product legal or illegal?

As per the laws of the United Nations Anti-Doping Agency, the use of SARMS is illegal and prohibited. Since it`s a androgenic steroid drug, the use, consumption and possession of this drug by athletes is illegal. On being tested positive by the anti-doping agency for this drug, it can disqualify an athlete and he might also have to bear the consequences of it.

Why is it so? Why it`s illegal? Since the selective androgen receptors modulators target and work on the androgen receptors of the body. Androgens being the hormones which produce male characteristics are enhanced by this drug. When an athlete or any fitness model uses it and competes, this gives him the upper edge over the other competitors which are grossly unfair. So it`s usage is banned and illegal by the US anti-doping agency.