When a person has gonorrhoea, he or she may also have Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a disease that is spread through sexual contact. This pathogenic bacterium, which causes Chlamydia, belongs to the Chlamydiceae phylum and can cause eye infections in humans. They not only damage humans, but also other animals such as birds and livestock.

Antibiotics used to treat Chlamydia simply kill the germs present ain the body. When Chlamydia test results in a positive, the doctor will prescribe some effective medications. However, simply taking the antibiotic is not enough; one must also guarantee that he or she refrains from any form of sexual intercourse for at least 7 days to avoid any issues. Antibiotics are also very successful in treating pregnant women to prevent the disease from spreading to the foetus.

It is possible that the sickness can be treated if the patient strictly follows the doctor’s advice regarding antibiotic dosage. Unfortunately, it has since been discovered that certain disease strains have developed resistance to such medications, and thus cannot be killed or destroyed by antibiotic therapy. Quinolines, tetracycline, penicillin, and sulfa medicines are among the medications rendered worthless by these bacteria.

Because Chlamydia infection is now commonly associated with gonorrhoea, we must remember to treat both. As a result, in addition to chlamydia tablets, gonorrhoea medications must be included in the dosage. The patient cannot afford to be careless and miss antibiotic doses, or otherwise, the entire treatment would be wasted and unfinished.

chlamydia tablets

Antibiotics for gonorrhoea and Chlamydia come with several drawbacks. They can have certain unfavourable side effects. The proclivity to vomit and the sensation of nausea are two prominent adverse effects that patients may experience. In this instance, a doctor should be consulted so that the medication regimen can be altered. Antibiotics may be required at times, depending on the body’s requirements. Aside from side effects, it’s also a good idea to see a doctor if specific new symptoms appear after taking antibiotics.

Antibiotics for gonorrhoea and Chlamydia are usually given intravenously into the patient’s body. Surpax and rocephin are two powerful chlamydia tablets that are effective in eliminating infections from the body. However, one must ensure that, in addition to his or her treatment, the partner sees a doctor. This should be done in the future to ensure a safe and secure sexual life. A doctor should be seen as soon as a person feels symptoms or fears he is infected with a sexually transmitted disease.