For some years now we have been hearing about the delta 8, an innovative and cutting-edge device capable of supplanting traditional cigarettes and which promises to reduce the risks associated with the habit of smoking. The debate regarding delta 8s continues to be heated and there is still no scientific evidence related to the toxicity or otherwise of the delta 8, as this article has well summarized , which analyzes the points of view of the proponents and detractors of the THC Delta 8. Although the delta 8 is now very widespread in Italy, we still do not have clear ideas about its functioning and if it causes damage to the body, so if you want to know more, read on entourage effect.

entourage effect

The delta 8: what it is and how it works

The delta 8, is an amazing alternative to the THC products, created to replace cigarettes and tobacco and to support smokers in the difficult task of reducing nicotine addiction. Delta 8s are real vaporizers, consequently they produce vapor and do not burn through combustion, like traditional cigarettes. The operation of delta 8s is very simple: turning on the e-cig, the resistance placed inside heats upand impregnates itself with liquid, automatically producing steam, thanks to this intuitive mechanism, the combustion of tobacco and its derivatives, responsible for many serious diseases, is avoided. On the market, there are many e-cig models that differ in battery life, design, ignition and tank capacity, but the operation is in principle always the same. The most popular model of delta 8 is the pen-shaped one, with a battery at the bottom, a small tank to insert the liquid and a power button to heat the resistance.

What to buy

For those who want to try to quit smoking or at least want to reduce the effects of smoking cigarettes, you can decide to buy an e-cig, but how can you find your way around the thousands of models on sale? If you are a beginner in using the delta 8 and do not smoke an excessive amount of cigarettes, our advice is to avoid buying too expensive e-cig models with refined designs, but opt ​​for delta 8s with basic functionality. For e-cig beginners it is always advisable to buy all-in-one kits, which include all the components to start using the delta 8. Delta 8s for beginners are small and compactand usually have the shape of a pen, with a battery that lasts a few hours and the possibility of inserting different types of aromatic liquids.