A recurrent challenge in molecular tests and diagnostic tests is the incidence of false results and the resultant incorrect diagnosis. Again, other human errors that are naturally borne out of manual testing can destroy the outcome of the tests while putting to question the validity of the test alongside the skill of the laboratory professional.

The BD MAXsystem was thus, introduced as a solution to these challenges. This it does by providing an automated system that is capable of running various kinds of tests, including the FDA cleared ones.

The BD max system is one automated system that offers you more accurate clinical results through its automatic extraction and thermocycling. The BD MAX System is built in such a way as to adequately address your testing needs while ensuring that abnormalities are easily detected.

Again, you can trust the BD MAX system to provide versatile, flexible, and integrated instrumentation. It is your sure bet to a complete molecular biology test and quick results to these tests. Indeed, every laboratory scientist needs a BD MAX system to conveniently integrate and automate their laboratory tasks from pre-analytical processing to diagnostic test results.

The system enables you to revamp and expand your laboratory’s testing capabilities. As a laboratory professional, you get a chance to optimize testing efficiency and accuracy, ensure testing versatility, and receive quick results from each of your tests.

The primary benefit of using the BD MAX System is its versatility in being able to cater to a wide range of tests and carrying out such procedures used to take a longer period and are prone to human errors. But with the use of this innovative system, clinical examinations are more efficient, effortless and less time-consuming.


Several features make the BD MAX stand out as an exceptional diagnostic tool. It is also noteworthy that the BD MAX has been very instrumental in the fight to combat the COVID’19. Although it has not gained full acceptance, it has so far contributed the following in the battle against the coronavirus:

  • Expanding access to COVID-19 diagnostic testing
  • Tracking and reporting COVID-19 data and impact
  • Supporting patient management in the ICU
  • Providing new training on infection control practices
  • Preparing for mass vaccination
  • Grantmaking and volunteering on the frontlines
  • Collaborating with global health agencies

As a second point, the BD MAX system automates extraction and amplification. Some of the significant benefits of this automation include:

  1. Versatility
  2. Efficiency
  3. Standardization
  4. Performance
  5. Convenience

Also, the BD MAX System is uniquely designed to address emerging threats from infectious diseases and pathogenic outbreaks. It addresses these threats through open System architecture.

  • Fully automated molecular platform- pathogen extraction, amplification, and detection.
  • Supports IVD assays and open system reagents
  • Compliant with FDA Guidance Molecular diagnostic instruments with combined functions.
  • Simplified, speedy, and efficient workflow.

Finally, the BD MAX system provides a simple and effective Reagent Design that ensures; ambient temperature storage and an assurance of quality results through its sample processing control.


The BD MAX system stands out as a landmark invention in testing and diagnosis. Its efficiency, ease of use, flexibility and time conservation are unrivalled.  As a highly innovative technology, it is expected to serve as a long-lasting solution to the issue of accuracy of test results and the struggle that is part and parcel of manual testing.