A natural reaction to dangerous situations, the massive release of adrenaline once favored the survival of the human race. Today detached (or almost) from security realities, this physiological phenomenon called stress has become more psychological. In the context of an increasingly competitive society, where time is money, stress is everywhere and affects our well-being. What natural solutions do we have to reduce its impact on our daily comfort? Here are our tips!

Breathing Well

The most interesting of all natural anti-stress method is certainly doing breathing exercises. There are many ways to overcome stress instantly just by taking time to breath. Among the most effective respiratory technique against stress and anxiety is intermittent breathing. It consists of breathing normally but you have to make a break of a few seconds between inhalation and exhalation. Plus, you can do this exercise whenever you want even if you are not stressed. It will prevent anxiety and help you improve your health in general. You can find more about it on https://www.intermittent-breathing.com/how-to-reduce-stress-naturally/.

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Eating Trace Elements Regularly to Reduce Stress

Excessive fatigue, sudden upswingin stress, these symptoms are not always the result of overwork or pressure. They can also result from dietary deficiencies. So, before getting alarmed, it is important to make sure that your intake of minerals and vitamins are sufficient. Indeed, several trace elements play an essential role in our organic functioning and our emotional stability. It is particularly the case of magnesium, group Bvitamins, and vitamin C. Natural anti-stress, magnesium is reputed to preserve nervous and muscular balances. Found in unrefined starchy foods, chocolate and dried fruits, it is insufficiently consumed by 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men, mainly due to restrictive diet or overly refined foods.

Using Essential Oils to Relieve Stress

Concentrated with plant essences, essential oils are precious elixirs which have undeniable effects on well-being, both physical and mental. Composed of many aromatic compounds, with soothing properties on the nervous system, they have a favorable action on stress, anxiety, nervousness, and cerebral restlessness in general. Used as massage oils, they untie the knots of stress which affectyour body. It can also be diffused and inhaled to unravel the stressors. You can put some drops in your bath to relax at the end of a harsh day. You can choose the essential oils you want, they are all effective anti-stress products. Just make sure to buy natural and organic essential oils.

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