Hair transplantation surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. Among the different kinds of hair restoration methods, hair transplantation is considered one of the most permanent methods. It involves grafting your existing hair follicles from the back of your head to the desired locations where you want to grow hair.

The number of hairs that you can transplant depends on the number of hair follicles that you have. If you are losing hair at a rapid rate, this may be the best option for you. With baldness, there is a significant reduction in hair growth speed. There are various types of treatments available for baldness. One of the most common treatments is hair transplantation. Hair Transplants Turkey is considered to be a superior treatment option as it does not have any side effects and requires only one surgery. However, hair transplant surgery is expensive and needs the right surgeon.

You have two options for this procedure. You can either choose an FUE or FUT procedure. In an FUE procedure, your existing hairs are cut and the donor hair is inserted into the empty follicular area. In FUT, an advanced version of FUE, the donor hair is taken directly from the back of the head.

Hair Transplants

Hair Transplantation Surgery:

  1. What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation surgery involves the extraction of existing hair follicles and transplanting them to other areas of your scalp where you want to grow hair. A doctor removes the follicles from your scalp and transplants them into the areas of your scalp where you want to grow new hair. This is a complicated process because it requires taking hair follicles from areas where you have the most hair and transplanting them to areas where you want to grow hair.

  1. How does the process of hair transplantation work?

The follicles are extracted from the areas of your scalp where you have the most hair and transplanted to the areas where you want to grow new hair. As the Hair Transplants Turkey, they follow the natural hairline. A natural hairline is different for every individual. It is this difference that makes hair transplantation an effective treatment for hair loss.

  1. What are the risks involved with hair transplantation surgery?

While this is a safe procedure, there are risks involved. The follicles that are extracted from the back of your head and transplanted to other areas of your scalp are called donor hair. These donor hairs are the most important in this process. This means that any damage to these donor hairs may result in total hair loss. It is very important to note that the donor hairs can only take a few transplantations.