The Scalp Scrub is an exfoliating treatment for all types of hair, particularly oily and problematic, which helps to remove impurities, excess sebum and dead cells.  Ideal for combating itching,dandruff, excess sebum and skin irritations. Helps to stimulate growth and microcirculation, counteracting hair loss and eliminate residuals of surfactants given by the shampoo. Get the best dandruff treatment in Singapore here.

It is used after shampooing, massaging a small amount of product on the scalp and insisting on particularly needy areas for a few moments. Then rinse thoroughly and proceed with styling.

The Scalp Scrub is a treatment that frees the scalp from dirt, dead cells and impurities, favoring the oxygenation of the bulbs. Fine wavy hair with normal scalp, bought it because she needed a deep cleansing at least once a week. She appreciates its delicacy, despite being effective, its conditioning power and the fact that it leaves the scalp fresh and mentholated. You find the granules perhaps a little too small. She recommends using it post shampoo where she leaves her hair untangled and shiny.

Why does hair fall out?

Get the best dandruff treatment in Singapore here.

Hair fall is an entirely normal physiological cycle.

The life process of the hair pertains to the alteration of various phases, one of growth, one of rest, and one of fall and the duration of this cycle can vary from 2 to 6 years. In some cases, however, the fall can be excessive , with losses that are really too evident. The causes can be different. For example:

Season changes: during autumn and spring it is normal to lose more hair than usual;

Use of too aggressive shampoos and chemicals;

The intake of certain drugs (especially chemotherapy drugs);

  • Menopause;
  • Pathologies (anemia, thyroid dysfunction, etc.);
  • High-stress situations.
  • Before looking at natural products I would like to give you a couple of tips.
  • Pay attention to the products you use

The first piece of advice I give you is to use products that are as natural as possible. It is significant to comprehend how to examine the tag . The list of components, generally named as  INCI.

Below is a list of the worst ingredients you could find in your shampoo including surfactants, preservatives, silicones and various dyes:

  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate;
  • Formaldehyde;
  • Lanolin;
  • Mineral oil;
  • Parabens ;
  • Polyethelyne glycol ;
  • Propylene glycol;
  • Sodium chloride;
  • Sodium Laureth sulfate; Sodium lauryl sulfate.

There are substances that we should learn to avoid , even if they are allowed by law, these are anything but good for our hair.