Edibles are all about the food items that are made with cannabis flowers or even with some of those concentrates. Although, one must not take in these ingredients directly in them or even by smoking them, well, they are considered as drugs. But when used in the proper amount and compositions, these can yield pretty good results. The edibles not only come in the form of drinks but in the form of some of the other products too, such as brownie mixes, cooking oils, CBD mints, Phoenix Tears CBD and even THC gummies that provide the desired effects of cannabis. Visit their website to know more about CBD.

Why are they good?

The benefits of taking in edibles are that you can get the flavour and the feel of ingredients such as that of cannabis flowers without actually smoking them in the air. And well, consuming is indeed very easy; we all know how to eat and drink.


The disadvantage of taking them

Well, although edibles are very much good in every aspect, like a coin and every other thing, there is another side of edibles too. A side that can come as a disadvantage. Well, edibles are directly absorbed by our digestive system, and so, they can leave a lasting effect. The onset of effect may occur as quickly as 20 minutes or even as slowly as three hours and even can last between four to six hours.

Dosage of a CBD

There are many different types of edibles and other such products. But well, it doesn’t mean that you can take them in as you want. There should be a particular amount of these edibles that one should not cross in his or her intake to avoid any problems. This amount is known as the dose. The dose of one edible depends upon the concentration of the ingredients used to make them edible. An edible with a high dose of cannabis must be taken in less amount to prevent any problems.

For instance, a chocolate bar of 50mg with enough cannabis flowers mixed and in a high dose too must not be taken at once. Before everything, you should check for the concentration of the cannabis and other such products first and then check for the amount of chocolate you must take in for the desired time. One such product is Phoenix Tears CBD. Although it’s edible, this product is also used in medical fields for the treatment of many diseases.