When it comes to enhancing the shape and size of your behind, there are several options available to you, including targeted exercises such as squats. However, if that isn’t working out for you, there are three main butt augmentation procedures that reputable cosmetic surgeons will carry out. These are implants, fat transfer surgery (also known as a Brazilian butt lift) and butt fillers. The route you choose to go down will depend on how quickly you wish to see results, what you’ve tried already, how dramatic the results you wish to see and what risks and downtime you are willing to go through for the desired results.

What are butt implants?

This is by far the most expensive and risky option when it comes to butt augmentation. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia and involves having surgical incisions made either vertically between the buttocks or horizontally underneath them. A silicone implant will be inserted either between the skin and muscle, or underneath the gluteal muscles. The latter is a more complicated procedure but is generally thought to give better results as the implants are less likely to sag over time.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Also known as fat transfer to the buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift is a two-in-one procedure that involves removing fat from another area of the body using liposuction. The fat is then processed to clean it and leave only the viable adipose fat cells. This processed, liquified fat is then re-injected using a syringe into your buttocks. Using your own fat is a more natural approach for those who do not wish to have implants, and for those who wish to achieve more subtle looking results.

What are butt fillers?

This is a non-invasive procedure that involves injecting a filler into your buttocks. This may be a more viable option for thinner patients who do not have enough fat in other areas to act as donor sites and do not wish to have an invasive implant procedure. One such option for a butt lift London uses hyaluronic acid as the filler material. This is a sugar derivative that is naturally occurring in the body, and it is produced for cell repair and growth.

At this point, we should point out that silicone buttock fillers are not a safe choice; the FDA specifically advises against using silicone injections and practitioners offering this to patients should be avoided. This is because when you have silicone injections, your body will respond by surrounding the silicone with granulomas, which are immune cells, which can result in hard abscesses. This would make it impossible to sit comfortably.

What is the downtime involved in butt augmentation?

The downtime involved with butt augmentation will depend on which method you decide to proceed with. However, it’s important to realise that you may be unable to sit comfortably for some time after butt augmentation. If you opt for butt implants, you should expect to need 2-3 weeks off work and longer still until you are fully healed and able to return to your normal lifestyle. The downtime involved in a Brazilian butt lift is significantly less than this, but it will depend on where you choose to use as a donor site for the fat being relocated. Butt fillers have the least downtime of all three procedures; you usually won’t need any time off work after having this procedure.

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