We know that melanin is one of the best defences against harmful sunlight. This is found in our natural pigment skins. To give a quick and straightforward meaning behind what I’m talking about when we go out in the sun or use a solarium, we harm our skin. As a result, melanin is released, and our skin is the dye. It gives us a nice tan. This is what we try to achieve when we “sunbathe”.

They were looking for a way to protect fairer skin better. Although it was discovered by accident that other beneficial effects were seen, these included appetite suppression and increased libido. With all these effects, she earned the nickname “Barbie Medicine”.

Melanotan is now available for sale online as research materials and can be bought by anyone. Its use quickly became cosmetic. People all over the world started to buy it as a tanning aid. Why spend countless hours laying in the sun or spending hundreds of dollars on solariums when you can simply eat a very active hormone that gives you a dark tan. With the government’s constant warnings of the dangers of sun tanning, it’s no wonder that some are searching for a safer and faster way to tan.

Melanotan 2

If you tan really quickly, you will see great results with this peptide. In some cases, people have become darker without sun exposure or solarium. Unfortunately, only Melanotan will produce natural melanin in the body. If you cannot or cannot provide any melanin, this will not help you. For the best results and full benefits of Melanotan, UV exposure is still required.

The cost of Melanotan has decreased over the years. A single bottle can give you tan for up to 6 months if the doses spread and you tanned quite easily. This can save you hundreds of dollars in using a solarium or fake tanning. In addition to money, you can save time by not having to spend much of it lying in the sun. We hope that Melanotan is seen as the start of a drug that one day will prevent skin cancer together.

Many drug companies are studying Melanotan 2 not only for its fantastic ability to tanning the skin but also for its ability to help with impotence or erectile dysfunction in males and low desire syndrome in females. Melanotan II, in the case of studies, significantly increased desire and capacity for men and women. Once the FDA approves this peptide, it could be the next major, a primary drug that will reach the market. Melanotan is also undergoing testing as a future nutritional drug. Many study patients lost body fat while maintaining muscle.

Many researchers believe this peptide is the future in tanning. No real side effects other than slight nausea were detected after dosing and darkening the existing freckles.