To make any makeup complete you need good and bright lipstick. When you apply your lipstick you will find that it has instantly uplifted your looks. There are so many different brands and shades of lipstick available at Clarins. But as we know, not all shades suit everyone.

 To know how to choose a lipstick read on further

The first step is to know about your skin undertone. Generally, they fall into cool, warm, or neutral categories. Each of these also has sub-tones. For example, Cool includes bluish, red, or pink, warm include golden, peachy, or yellow, and neutral is a combination of both.

  • Choosing a lipstick based on undertones

Though there is a broad indication on the package about the suitability of each lipstick, it isn’t a strict rule. You can try swatches of different shades to find out which one blends well for your skin.

   Warm tone: For a warm tone of skin, warm colors of lipstick like brick-red, orange, or some brownish shade can be applied.

Cool tone: For a cool skin tone use cooler shades like berries, cherry red, plum, or purple-based shades.

Neutral: If your skin tone is neutral, you can try berry shades or pink shades. You could also mix the swatches and test which one looks prominent on you.

Tips for a healthy skincare routine

  • Choosing shades based on the shape of lips

When you have heavy lips on the top, try using a darker shade on the upper lips and bright lipstick on the bottom. In case you have asymmetrical lips, don’t worry, your lip pencil will have you covered.

You can line your lips using a pencil of a similar shade to that of your lipstick. Then depending on the shape of your lips you can shade them.

If the bottom part of your lips is heavy, add a little nude shade at the center and for the remaining part use any shade that suits your skin tone well.

  • Size of lips

Your choice of lipstick also depends on your lip size. For thick lips, you should avoid light and glossy shades otherwise, they will look more prominent.

For thinner lips, try to avoid dark colors and instead, you can use lip gloss.

  • Color of your eye

It is also good to choose a lip shade suited to the color of your eye. For blue eyes, use cherry shades, for grey eyes use plum and nudes, and for brown eyes use bright red and brown.

Keep the above points in mind when you shop skin care products online.